Extend the life of your sailing winches

Don't be forced into buying a new winch when you only need a few spare parts. At WinchSpares.com we aim to supply the parts you need. With our extensive knowledge and experience of Yacht winches, and a brief description from you, we can identify and supply a wide variety of high quality parts to suit your needs; Winch Crowns, Gears, Feeder arms, Bases, Main spindles, etc.

Over the years breakage happens, Pawls and Springs need replacing, corrosion affects on Crowns and Bases, Gear teeth become deformed, Pawl pockets develop excessive clearance. All the above can lead to Winch failure under load, and possibly a dangerous situation.

We can help you solve these problems with spares and service kits for many winches. Typical service kits include:


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Ordering Parts

Over the years winches have undergone a substantial number of design changes; to help us identify your winch without unnecessary delays and frustration, please provide a detailed description of the winch and the parts you require.

Suggested Information:

Winch Service Kit

Winch Service Kits

Replacement Winch Crowns

Replacement Lewmar Crowns

Custom made parts

Custom made parts

Stainless Steel Winch Top Cap

Stainless Steel Top Cap

2 Refurbished winches for sale.

Refurbished winches for sale